Monkey Bar Collective is a children’s media company. We make games – all different kinds for all different people.  We create original projects like Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts app, and ExtraBLURT audio game shows. We produce games for companies like Scholastic, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and Pinna. We work on brands like I Spy, Sesame Street, and Carmen Sandiego. We love to develop new concepts for emerging projects.

Monkey Bar Collective brings together talented freelancers to build the best teams for our projects. Founder, Sharon Bilman, has been working in children’s media for over 20 years. She knows how to connect with kids of all ages. The collective strives to add surprise and delight to all of our projects.  

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Play Along with ExtraBLURT and ExtraBLURT Jr.


What do you get when you mix a game show with a podcast? ExtraBLURT and ExtraBLURT Jr, interactive audio game shows! Listen in and shout out your answers to fun-filled games. Each episode immerses you in a different theme, from underwater to outer space to pirates. Play with family, friends, or even by yourself. You’ll be surprised with the answers you blurt out!

Find it exclusively on the Pinna app or go to for more information.


Do Monkey Spot™ Scavenger Hunts Anywhere!


Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts turns any place into an adventure! The thought-provoking clues prompt kids to take photographs, ask questions, perform tricks, tell stories, and document the world and people around them. Along the way kids make discoveries, create art, and get to know people. Our ever-expanding library of scavenger hunts ranges from bedrooms, backyards, and restaurants to museums, zoos, and airports.

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"Literally put creativity back in the hands of children." - Teachers With Apps

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