Scavenger hunts meets storytelling and adventure with Monkey Spot™ Scavenger Hunts! Kids explore their world with thought-provoking scavenger hunts to play anywhere:

  • Everyday hunts to do at home and around the neighborhood

  • Everywhere hunts that can be done any place, anytime

  • Boredom-busting hunts to do while waiting

  • Adventure hunts for digging deep into special locations like zoos and museums

  • Storytelling hunts to create with friends


Your collection starts with four free scavenger hunts: Out to Eat, I Can See A to Z, Detective Story, and Zoo Adventure.

Monkey Spot Scavenger Hunts encourage deep exploration and creative play. Each hunt features a list of clues to find and solve by taking and labeling pictures. Get ready to discover, create, perform, personalize, and inquire with clues like these:

  • Someone's Favorite: Ask the favorite food of someone at your table.

  • Mixed Media: Find a work of art made with two or more materials.

  • Geared Up: Find a machine that uses gears.

  • My Dance Move: This is my dance move.

  • Challenge Clue: Ask someone to teach you a new game and take a picture playing it.

Stuck on a clue? No problem! Clue hints explain tricky vocabulary, prompt with ideas, and guide kids to find solutions. There are no right or wrong answers in Monkey Spot, inviting kids’ inventive solutions.

When you’re all done with your hunt, share your spots with a slideshow! 

Add more hunts from our ever-growing library. Additional hunts include Look in a Book, Backyard Nature, Playground Challenge, Airport Explorer, Go Go Grocery Store, and more! Play Monkey Spot at the New York Hall of Science, and look for it at other museums coming soon.

The world is a fascinating place. Let’s play here!


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