Make Your Own 2048

I love stumbling across tools that make it easy for kids (and grown-ups) to make their own games. If you have gaming friends on Facebook, you're probably no stranger to the game 2048, and addictive puzzle game where you slide numbers across the board to make bigger and bigger numbers. It's very similar to the app Threes


This past week I noticed there's now a Robert Downey Jr. edition of the game where you track pics of the actor throughout his career, and a Dr. Who edition where you cycle through the different doctors. These led me to the Make Your Own 2048 tool, which could not be any easier to use. You can simply enter text or upload or find images on the Internet to enter into each number field. This can be numbers, words, illustrations, pictures... whatever you can imagine. For it to make logical sense to your player, though, there should be some kind of logical progression through the sequence.


I tried my hand at making a version called Undecagon (aka Hendecagon aka 11-sided Polygon). You start with a line, then go to two lines, and then progress through polygons with an increasing number of sides.

Give it a try here, and make your own here.